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Love makes the world go round,
               but chocolate makes it sweeter.

Love makes the world go round, but chocolate makes it sweeter.

About the

How the Chickadee Story Began

Christine was born and raised in Vancouver.
With over a decade of pastry experience, she has honed her sweet skills at institutions such as Chambar, Faubourg, Chocolate Arts, and The Hart House, as well as Raymond’s in St. Johns.

Her vision for Chickadee is to bring fresh, handmade confections to the city she loves while working with her talented friends who help design, photograph, and build Chickadee.

Why Chickadee Chocolate?

Chef Christine is a big fan of sugar, alliteration, and birds.

The black-capped chickadee has always been a favourite of hers: ubiquitous in the Pacific Northwest, vocal, bold, always on the move, and very food motivated (it’s no wonder she feels a kinship)!

When Christine isn’t in the kitchen she can often be found biking, hiking, or birding in our great outdoors.

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